GPRS Tunnelling Protocol implementation under UNIX

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GPRS Tunnelling Protocol implementation under UNIX

I need to implement a program that sends CDRs (just some data) over GTP' (GTP Prime - one of the GPRS Tunnelling Protocols,
Does anybody know where I can find GTP implementation? I'v tryed OpenGGSN (, but it implements only GTP-C and GTP-U protocols (not GTP').

Thanks for your advice!
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gtp' server

I have one. See
I use cisco csg as client.
I can send to you sources if you will share your CDR generator code with me.
(I am now developing commercial gtp' server and i will use your system for testing).

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We have a commercial biling system (T-Interconnect) and use files with CDR's generated by different switches to test owr system, so we cannot send you any CDR generator.

BZW if it is not a secret, can you tell, how many man-month will take GTP' implementation?

Sank you for the reply.
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I have started a project called open-cgf that should address this need. It is currently still being developed, but does accept and decode GTP' for UDP, and I've just started implementing the other messages. It doesn't decode the ASN.1, but will (shortly) write them to disk in encoded format -- without the GTP' header. Decoding ASN.1 CDRs is another project I'm working on.

Coupled with this is will be a test program to exercise it, which should be useful for people implementing CGF's too...

I will be relying on people to test this and report faults as I cannot test it directly. Traces from an existing model network would be appreciated...

You will need to install Erlang before you can run the CGF -- and I've not yet written the instructions for that either Smilie Development is proceeding quite quickly.

If you want to start using this please drop me a line.
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Bug open-cgf release 0.1

FYI, if anyone is interest, I've created release 0.1 of open-cgf.

You can download open-cgf v0.1 from here.

All comments are welcome. I kinda need some users.
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