close_wait connections causing a server to hung

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close_wait connections causing a server to hung

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone of you have been in a situation where you end up having around 100 close_wait connections and seems to me those connections are locking up resources/processes in the server so unless the server is rebooted those processes won't be released by the close_wait connections. Is there anything that can be done to remove them therefore avoiding rebooting the server. Thanks.

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Searching before posting may be helpful - and if you post, post what OS and version you are using.

Found the following by searching: clear close_wait status
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I did search beforehand. Maybe I should've said .I checked the results of the search and didn't answer my question. I wonder if thos close_wait connection can be removed on the fly without rebooting the server. We are ruuning AIX 5.3 kernel 64 bits. Thanks.
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So, you just happened to miss this post which states using the rmsock command in AIX to remove close_wait connections?

See the rmsock man page for more info.
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