vmstat vs uptime?

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Error vmstat vs uptime?

what is the relation between the output of vmstat
(cpu/us, cpu/sy, cpu/id) and output of uptime command?

it is said that
"one can think of load average as a percentage of system
utilization during the respective time period"
i have load average values obtained from uptime command
they are varying between 0-4.4 and i have output values for
vmstat it is constant for all (user %2,system %1 and idle %40)

measurements are done for 3.5 hours period.
do you have any idea?
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Are you running the vmstat like this?
while true; do
   sleep 300 # measure every five min or something similar

If you are, then that's your problem right there. From the vmstat man page:
Without options, vmstat displays a one-line summary of the virtual memory activity since the system was booted.
This figure will hardly change over 3.5 hours (especially if your system has an uptime that can be measured in months).
# 3  

unfortunately i have used vmstat as you said,
that explains why cpu usage is constant.

but there is one more point that i didnt understand,
vmstat displayed varying output for free pages, and for page faults
according to my measurement. why?
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