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Old 08-02-2006
Shutdown and turn off

Firstly uname -a = UnixWare companyname 5 7.1.4 i386 x86at SCO UNIX_SVR5

Server is an HP Proliant ML350 G4 Tower

Right, now to the problem.
We frequently have power outtages and lightning strikes here due to our location in a VERY rural part of the UK.
As such, I need to be able to remotely shutdown our Unix server.
I cannot use software from our UPS as that is connected to a Windows server.
Currently, from home, I VPN to the network, remote control the Windows server and use a Hyperterminal session to connect to the Unix server.
The company that provided us with the server created a text menu for us so that when we connect via telnet and login as root we get a few options.
One of them is to check who is connected. Once we are sure all users are out, we can proceed.
Another option is to shutdown the server.
When we select this option the server shuts down to a message something like 'it is now safe to turn your system off'.

This isn't really too much of a problem due to the fact that if the UPS runs out of power, the box will turn off the same as pressing the button.
However, doing it this way means that the UPS batteries are getting more 'stressed' than they should and will need to be replaced.
Also, should the bulding be struck, there is a higher risk of damage due to transient voltages if the system is turned on.

I just want the server to turn off when shutdown.

I have spoken to the company who supplied the server, but they say that due to the HP ware used to install SCO, it is impossible.
I don't wish to call them liars, but if Windows 98 can shutdown a PC completely, shouldn't UNIX be able to?

I have not yet had a chance to simply try shutdown 0 from the command line yet, but will next chance I get.
Does anyone have any other ideas?
Is this something anyone else has come across?

All help is appreciated, (unless you are trying to get me to rethink the companies procedures or trying to get me to spend money)


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Old 08-02-2006
There should be a poweroff command - but that doesn't mean it will work for that hardware but it's worth a shot.

Of course, I don't know what will happen if you don't lose power - how does the server come back up?
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Old 08-02-2006
The person on call who shuts down the servers comes in early.

What is this poweroff command?
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Old 08-03-2006


Not sure if I posted a message in the right place yesterday.

It is regarding shutting down and powering off my Sco server.
I would be grateful is anyone could take a look at it.


(Sorry if this is now in the wrong place and I was right the first time)
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Old 08-03-2006
After looking through the SCO man pages I don't see a poweroff command. The only mention of 'power' in the init man page is as follows:

If init receives a power failure signal (SIGPWR), it scans /etc/inittab for special entries of the type powerfail or powerwait. These entries are invoked (if the run-level permits this) before any further processing takes place. In this way init can perform various cleanup and recording functions during the powerdown of the operating system.
The 'poweroff' command was mention in a few articles on (example ). Although I admit it's almost impossible to read with the new set up the site has. They may not even be writing about SCO in this article, which I must apoligize for.

There is a haltsys and uadmin command which normally should not be used - but the uadmin man page shows an option for pwrnap - A UPS or the BIOS-APM has detected a power outage; do not reboot until power returns. If possible, the machine is turned off.

Note, the uadmin man page states "if possible, the machine is turned off" - it all comes back to the hardware.

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Old 08-03-2006
I guess this means it is a no go then. Smilie

I will make the assumption that if a regular shutdown doesn't power the system off, that uadmin won't either.

Unless anyone knows of a setting somewhere that might tell the OS that the BIOS won't accept the power off command or something?
The server is modern enough to be able to do this and in fact I have seen it do so with a Windows OS a while ago.

Should I be putting this down to an SCO limitation?
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