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rcp on solaris doesn't work

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rcp on solaris doesn't work

Hi I have 2 Solaris boxes A and B, A running solaris 9, and B running solaris 6.

when i try to use rcp on A like this:-

A> rcp file.txt B:/path/file.txt

I get into standard input and nothing happens!!

Then On the target machine B, if i try,

B> rcp otherfile.txt B:/path/otherfile.txt

I get the same result:- Im getting in the standard input, and nothing
happens. I have to do CTRLD to get out of it1!

Please let me know what I should look into or How I should go about it!

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Originally Posted by 0ktalmagik
Im getting in the standard input, and nothing
happens. I have to do CTRLD to get out of it1!
I have no idea what this means.

Can you rsh/rlogin without password between the two boxes?

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