Executing if dynamic conditions in awk

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Old 02-12-2020
Executing if dynamic conditions in awk

Hi All,

I got struck at the below point where i am unable to get the desired output after forming the dynamic conditions.Below is the design.
1. We are getting inputs from the shell arguments and storing in a variable like below.

2. After this i am mapping the position of the fields and storing the condition in the variable as below
CON=$1 == "CT" && $4 == US_10 && $60 == CT_US_10

3. I wish to apply it in the if statement get the desired output as below, however it is not working.
usr/bin/awk -v CONDITION="${CON}" 'BEGIN{FS=","}{ if (CONDITION) {print CONDITION"|"$147"|"$15"|"$16"|"$17"|"$4} } '

Can anyone help us

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Old 02-12-2020
the question under item 2. is not entirely clear
can you show the code how you are mapping and storing in the variable?
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Old 02-12-2020
Hi Moderators,
My sincere apologies.
@nezabudka, Please see the below code
#Shell arguments
sh samplecollector.sh "20200212" "1=CT,2=US_10,3=CT_US_10"

#Inside the script
CONDITIONS=$2 # Used the values directly in the variable in my post, the condition can be one or many based on user input

/usr/bin/awk -v COND=${CONDITIONS} -F"," 'function strcondition(h,  i,F,v,b,dec) {F=split(h,v,",");for(i=1;i<=F;i++) {split(v[i],b,"=");dec=(dec != "") ? dec""sprintf(" %s == \"%s\" &&",lookup(b[1]),b[2]) : sprintf("%s == \"%s\" &&",lookup(b[1]),b[2]);} sub(/[ &&\t\r\n]+$/, "", dec);return dec;} function lookup(l,  f,ar){ar[1]="$1";ar[2]="$4";ar[3]="$60";ar[4]="$17";ar[5]="$4";if (l in ar) {return ar[l];}} { if(strcondition(COND));{print COND"|"$147"|"$15"|"$16"|"$17"|"$4}}' Record_${FILEDATE}.dat

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Old 02-12-2020
And where did you get the CONDITION variable in "awk"?

--- Post updated at 21:59 ---

Is a colon needed here?
{ if(strcondition(COND));{print CONDITION"|"$147"|"$15"|"$16"|"$17"|"$4}}'
{ if(strcondition(COND))print COND"|"$147"|"$15"|"$16"|"$17"|"$4}

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Old 02-12-2020
A one or two line data sample would be nice.

The if (...); will do nothing.
The print CONDITION will print an empty entity as the variable is not defined.

Your idea / approach will not work per se. You will need to compile your COND in, e.g. have some text tool write a script which then will be executed by awk.
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Old 02-12-2020
You need to assign the return value from the function "strcondition(COND)" to CONDITION
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Old 02-12-2020
an ex.:

CON='$1 == "CT" && $4 == "US_10" && $60 == "CT_US_10"'

awk -v CONDITION="${CON}" -F, '
c=split(CONDITION, cons, " *&& *");
for (i=1; i<=c; i++) {
split(cons[i], cs, " *== *");
sub("[$]", "", cs[1]);
gsub("[\"]", "", cs[2]);
for (i in conditions) if ($(i)==conditions[i]) n++;
if (n==c) print CONDITION"|"$147"|"$15"|"$16"|"$17"|"$4;
' file

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