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Old 02-16-2020
Originally Posted by cskumar
Thats cool rdrtx1. However anxious to see how OR condition works as below are AND conditions.

In our example the below conditions are treated as AND conditions and file got processed.

converted to

Can you please throw some light on how to work with AND,OR conditions together if the condition comes dynamically from user input. Below is an example.

CONDITIONS="(1=CT or 2=US_10) and 3=CT_US_10 and 4="

You could use sed (or similar) to convert your input syntax to an awk expression eg:

CONDITIONS="(1=CT or 2=US_10) and 3=CT_US_10 and 4="
   sed \
      -e 's/\([1-9][0-9]*\)=/$\1=/g' \
      -e 's/= *\([^() ]*\)\([^ ]*\)/== "\1"\2/g' \
      -e 's/ and / \&\& /g' \
      -e 's/ or / || /g' \

if ! awk '{if ('"$CONDITIONS"') { print } }' file
   echo "Illegal syntax unable to filter file"

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