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AIX put comma separated data on its own line

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AIX put comma separated data on its own line

In Linux you can do this to put comma separated data on its own line like this.

sed 's/[,.!?]  */&\n/g' /tmp/ports
sed 's/[,.!?]  */\n/g' /tmp/ports

How do you do this in AIX? It is not working. Is there another way to do this? Something like this.

1, 2, 3, 4

To look like this.


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What is your output when you attempt this in AIX?

Please post your sample output (even when wrong) and any error messages.

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Originally Posted by Neo
What is your output when you attempt this in AIX?

Please post your sample output (even when wrong) and any error messages.

Sorry about that. Here it is.

>sed 's/[,.!?]  */&\n/g' /tmp/ports
1, n2, n3, n4
>sed 's/[,.!?]  */\n/g' /tmp/ports

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\n being a newline is specific to GNU sed.
Put a \newline
sed 's/[,.!?]  */&\
/g' /tmp/ports
sed 's/[,.!?]  */\
/g' /tmp/ports

The 'two
string work in all Bourne/Posix compatible shells. The GNU extension also supports csh and tcsh shells.
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Try also
tr -s ', ' $'\n' < file

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