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Getting information from the wtmpx file

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Getting information from the wtmpx file


I tried running the command "last" in the server to check the users that were last logged into the system.
However, I get this error :

root@csidblog:[/]# last
/var/adm/wtmpx: Value too large for defined data type

How do I proceed to get this info?
I read some forums suggesting to use the fwtmp tool, however, I/my company does not have official login to the Oracle website to download the package.

It is quite important.
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Assuming you are on solaris:
Can you write C code? getutxent -
man pages section 3: Basic Library Functions

provides a list of solaris calls to do what you need.

When you ask for help please tell us:
1. OS name and version
2. shell (like bash, ksh, tcsh, ...) that you use.
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This is certainly Solaris (Oracle means Solaris!).
And indeed this seems to be a FAQ, because the last command in Solaris is 32-bit, compiled without largefile support.
If the file reaches 2 GB size, it gets stuck...
Also there is no logrotation defined by default.
The problem is in Solaris 10 and older (don't know if it's solved in Solaris 11).

By experimenting I found a temporary fix: skip the oldest 100 entries:
dd if=/var/adm/wtmpx bs=744 skip=100 of=/var/adm/wtmpx.tmp
last -f /var/adm/wtmpx.tmp

If it works, copy the fixed file back
cp /var/adm/wtmpx.tmp /var/adm/wtmpx
rm /var/adm/wtmpx.tmp

How to add this to log rotation:
Solaris 9 and 10 (maybe Solaris 11?):
add the following line to /etc/logadm.conf
/var/adm/wtmpx -C 12 -c -p 1m -s 10m

or run the following command:
logadm -w /var/adm/wtmpx -C 12 -c -p 1m -s 10m

From now on it will every month check if the file is bigger than 10 MB and eventually rotate it to wtmpx.0 wtmpx.1 ... wtmpx.11.
To look at a rotated file, say wtmpx.0, you simply do
last -f /var/adm/wtmpx.0

For Solaris 8 you could append something to its rotation script /usr/lib/newsyslog...
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