Yum install command -errors

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Yum install command -errors

i having this error message when installing a package using yum on red hat 7.2
Please see attachment
Yum install command -errors-2019-01-14png
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Originally Posted by DOkuwa
Please see attachment
There is no attachment.

Please try again Smilie

There are two ways to upload attachments:
  1. Go to "Albums" and upload your images and then cut and paste the URL provided.
  2. Go to "Advanced Edit" and click on the paperclip icon and upload images, text file, code, etc. using the modal.
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thanks for quick your reply
I am looking for the Advanced edit buttom please show me where it is
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It's toward the bottom of this page, below the "quick reply editor", above "similar threads" in a big blue button that says "Go Advanced" ....
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attachment as requested
Yum install command -errors-2019-01-14png
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... still no attachment ...
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Attachments seem to work fine ....
Yum install command -errors-screen-shot-2019-01-13-123448-pmpng
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