Issue with "rsh" on RedHat

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I'd be interested to see the firewall entry that allows for interactive login but prevents non-interactive remote execution of commands.
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Unlike ssh and slogin, rsh and rlogin are two services with different ports.
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Hi Don,

Thanks for the pointer regarding the path, it has now been amended and the build script has been corrected on the Satellite Server.

As to the "root" access problem @Bakunin, as a contractor I'm kind of stuck with what I'm given and during the build phase there is a standard root password set. This is changed before the server is handed over to the support teams, I don't particularly like the way that the servers are built - but if the client says to stack boxex in the corner. Then I'll point out that he'd be better putting them in the cupboard, but because he's paying I'll stack them in the corner if he doesn't see sense.

Thamks again for all the pointers.


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