Proxy traffic consumption

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Proxy traffic consumption

I am under Ubuntu 16.04 at location1 and location2 and my question is about haproxy.
I'd like to know when a port in location1 is redirected to another computer in location2, does incoming request to redirected port consume traffic both from 1 and 2 or just 2?
What I'd like to accomplish is just consume from location2.
Both location1 and location2 have different public ip addresses.

Thanks in advance

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Want to you mean my "consume"?

Ports are end points for listening (and transmitting) sockets.

Sockets are bound to applications.

So all applications ( a proxy is an application) which listen on a port bind to that port and send and receive data on that port.
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Hello Neo,
Thanks for your post.
I have made some tests. When I send a download request to a proxied port at location1, it sends my download request to location2. I can see that traffic is between location1,2 and my house... Not between my house and location2. It seems ridiculous.
When I search "how to set up loadbalance in multiple servers in linux", shown answers are related to haproxy. So, with regard to your answer, loadbalance and haproxy have entirely different functions.

Kind regards
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Sorry, I cannot understand your posts because you are not using the correct technical terms.

For example "location" normally described a physical location, for example, something that can be defined by GPS coordinates.

You are not using terms like "ports" and "sockets" and "hosts" and "server" and "IP address" to describe your problems; and since I'm busy writing code, I don't have time to try to figure out what you are talking about.

You need to describe your problem in terms of the correct technical terms. If you do not understand the correct computer science terms, then I suggest to you that you need to learn these concepts before trying set up a proxy.

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