diable telnet & ftp

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Old 06-05-2006
diable telnet & ftp

Hi All,

I need to stop all the services for telnet & FTP as we want our
server to be more secure.

Please give me some steps for jumping to SSH protocol.
How can i disable telnet & ftp service on my server.
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Old 06-05-2006
What distro of UNIX are you running? Typically these services are enabled in the /etc/inetd.conf file. If you comment out telnet and ftp you can kill -HUP the inetd process and you're good to go.

# Ftp and telnet are standard Internet services.
#ftp stream tcp6 nowait root /usr/sbin/in.ftpd in.ftpd -l
#telnet stream tcp6 nowait root /usr/sbin/in.telnetd in.telnetd
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