How to identify the blade from VIO server?

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Old 10-09-2018
How to identify the blade from VIO server?

I would like to identify the blade or/and bladecenter from the hosted VIO server.
I prefer the "command line" solution. May be kdb.
Like, I want to ask the child about his father.
Thank you
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Old 10-10-2018

The VIO user ID and commands

Instead of using the root user ID to issue commands, an administrative user ID—padmin—is used for all of the VIO controls. This user ID has a shell called the IOS command-line interface (ioscli) that runs a unique set of commands for managing devices assigned to the VIO servers. Many of these commands are similar to regular AIX commands (for example, lsdev) but use different flags and command structures (for example, lsdev –dev). But, most of the superuser level commands are new and perform many different operations at once. In fact, when administered properly, systems administrators will rarely have to become root.
Helpful padmin commands include:

help: This command lists all of the commands available in the ioscli. If you pass a specific command into it, such as help updateios, you can see the specific flags and syntax for that command.

cfgdev: This command is the equivalent of the cfgmgr command and detects new physical and logical devices added to the VIO server.

oem_setup_env: This command is the equivalent of running su – root but without the need to enter a password. Again, you will rarely have to become root on a VIO server.

mkvdev: This command manages the virtual devices that you create and serve up to the VIO client LPARs.

mktcpip, lstcpip, and rmtcpip: These commands manage your networking from the command line and circumvent the need for utilities such as smitty tcpip.

lsmap: This command shows the relationships between disk resources and VIO client LPARs.

The VIO cheat sheet

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