SSLv2 and 3 detection in AIX 7.1 fresh installation

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Old 07-02-2018
Hammer & Screwdriver SSLv2 and 3 detection in AIX 7.1 fresh installation

I have installed AIX 7.1 OS and there is nothing installed except i upgraded java 5 to 7 .When i run the Nessus scan i can see sslv2 and sslv3 detection.
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UPDATE-JAVA-ALTERNATIVES(8)				      System Manager's Manual				       UPDATE-JAVA-ALTERNATIVES(8)

update-java-alternatives - update alternatives for jre/sdk installations SYNOPSIS
update-java-alternatives [--jre] [--plugin] [-t|--test|-v|--verbose] -l|--list [<jname>] -s|--set <jname> -a|--auto -h|-?|--help DESCRIPTION
update-java-alternatives updates all alternatives belonging to one runtime or development kit for the Java language. A package does pro- vide these information of it's alternatives in /usr/lib/jvm/.<jname>.jinfo. OPTIONS
-l|--list [<jname>] List all installed packages (or just <jname>) providing information to set a bunch of java alternatives. Verbose output shows each alternative provided by the packages. -a|--auto Switch all alternatives of registered jre/sdk installations to automatic mode. -s|--set <jname> Set all alternatives of the registered jre/sdk installation to the program path provided by the <jname> installation. --jre Limit the actions to alternatives belong to a runtime environment, not a development kit. --jre-headless Limit the actions to alternatives belong to the headless part of a runtime environment. --plugin Limit the actions to alternatives providing browser plugins. -h|--help Display a help message. -t|--test Don't actually do anything, just say what would be done. The implementation status of this option is the same as for update-alter- natives (not implemented). -v|--verbose Verbose output. FILES
/usr/lib/jvm/.*.jinfo A text file describing a jre/sdk installation. Consists of some variables of the form <var>=<value> and a list of alternatives of the form jre|jdk <name> <path>. AUTHOR
update-java-alternatives and this manual page was written by Matthias Klose <>. May 2006 UPDATE-JAVA-ALTERNATIVES(8)

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