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How to reverse compiled bash (obfucation)?

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Old Unix and Linux 1 Week Ago
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Wrench How to reverse compiled bash (obfucation)?

hi guys,
10 years a go I wrote an script in bash programming and I compiled (obfuscate) it, but after 10 years I need to change some lines and remove some lines, but i do not remember what I've done.
does anyone has any idea about decompile (deobfuscation) it?

here is some line of my code (u are not seeing any omitted):

Obfuscation sample - Free Image Hosting

BTW, I used ltrace and strace but I do not familiar with these commands and how to change it?

tnx in advance guys

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How to reverse compiled bash (obfucation)? edit by bakunin: added link for you.

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Old Unix and Linux 1 Week Ago
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Do you remember which utility was used to obfuscate the code?
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Old Unix and Linux 1 Week Ago
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Also at how to reverse compiled bash (obfucation)

cheers, drl
Old Unix and Linux 1 Week Ago
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Kindly note that compiling source code into an executable is not a revertable process. By compiling something into an executable information is stripped from the whole and one needs to provide this information to "decompile" it.

That means: you can "decompile" soemthing but it will always be a "best effort" and you will not get back the source code you started with.

The things you won't get back (because they are stripped away by the compiler - any compiler) are:
  • comments of any sorts (not necessary to run the code and therefore stripped)
  • "speaking" names for variables, functions, ....
  • "source code formatting of any kind

I hope this helps.

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