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RHEL 5.11 - gid issue

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Old 08-22-2017
RHEL 5.11 - gid issue

Hello folks,

I am facing a weird issue on one of the red hat linux 5 box. There is an oracle id which i want to change the primary group. Currently the primary group id is 16600, I did changed it to 16601 using below command:

usermod -g 16601 oracle

But it did not changed. I have tried multiple times. Then I changed the /etc/passwd file itself with group 16601 for user oracle. I have deleted the group 16600 too. Then it took in effect after sometime. I see it changed to correct group 16601.

Now here is the issue:

But again, after sometime somehow the previous GID (16600) is showing up when i run
id oracle

Also the /etc/passwd file has previous entry restored back.

This is happened 2-3 times. not sure what is exactly happening. I have changed the /etc/nsswitch.conf as well to lookup for "files". The group 16600 also not exists at all. Please assist.
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Old 08-23-2017
So as a first stab, is this a local account or is LDAP, NIS or something else in play which manages account credentials?

Kind regards,
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Old 08-23-2017
I see centrify DC is running there...

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I got it fixed. Centrify was doing all this. When I disabled it, the changes worked, but when i enabled it back, it reverted the changes.

Thanks all...
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Old 08-24-2017
Hi snchaudhari2,

You can change your oracle group id 16600 to 16601 using below command :-

groupmod -g 16601 oracle

This command will help you out to change group id specifically and you can check it using below command :-

grep "oracle" /etc/group

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