Resume parent shell after sourcing another script

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Resume parent shell after sourcing another script

#! /bin/ksh
echo "b4 set exit as return"
alias exit=return
echo "call second"
. ./
echo "after second"

#. ./
unalias exit
echo "ho lanciato il terzo"


echo "in scond"


the above code works in k shell, but not works in bash, how to write the same in bash..

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Your exit in causes to terminate because it's all the same shell. Remove that and it would run fine.

I don't think that the alias exit=return will be effective, but it is very confusing nonetheless.

I get this output when run with the trace option:-
$ bash -x
+ echo 'b4 set exit as return'
b4 set exit as return
+ alias exit=return
+ echo 'call second'
call second
+ . ./
++ echo 'in scond'
in scond
++ exit

Oddly, it seems to work in ksh:-
$ ksh -x
+ echo 'b4 set exit as return'
b4 set exit as return
+ alias exit=return
+ echo 'call second'
call second
+ . ./
+ echo 'in scond'
in scond
+ return
+ echo 'after second'
after second

I hope that this helps,

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bash by default does not expand aliases in non-interactive shells..

Try something like this:
shopt -s expand_aliases 2>/dev/null
echo "b4 set exit as return"
alias exit=return

Then it should run in either shell
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