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How to split large file with different record delimiter?

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How to split large file with different record delimiter?

I have received a file which is 20 GB. We would like to split the file into 4 equal parts and process it to avoid memory issues.

If the record delimiter is unix new line, I could use split command either with option l or b.

The problem is that the line terminator is |##|
How to use split command in this regards or do we have any other alternative?
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If you have GNU awk or mawk, you could try first converting it to regular newline termination like so:
gawk 1 RS='[|]##[|]' file > newfile

Perhaps that would solve your memory issues as well.
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Hi, My data has unix new line terminators in the data lelvel. I should not convert the line terminator. I have to split the file into equal parts with out line terminator conversion
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Could you post a sample of your input file?
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awk 'NR==FNR {records=NR; next}
FNR==1 {
   Split=(records % Split) ? (int(records/Split)+1) : (records/Split);
 printf $0 RS > split_file;
 if (! (FNR % Split)) {
   if (split_file) close(split_file);
   split_file="split_file" 1 + ++file_c;
' RS="[|]##[|]" datafile Split=4 datafile

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Originally Posted by Scrutinizer
Could you post a sample of your input file?
Here is format of the file.

| - field delimiter
|##| - record delimiter



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