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CGI script using ssh

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Old 07-19-2016
Debian CGI script using ssh

Hi Friends,

I am using a cgi script which calls a shell script internally. Now, I want to change it with ssh (without password). Can you please help?

cat maininfo.cgi

#!/usr/bin/perl -w 
use Net::Telnet ();
use CGI qw(:standard);
use CGI::Carp qw(warningsToBrowser fatalsToBrowser);
my $name = param('getvalue');
$t = new Net::Telnet(Timeout=>20,Prompt=>"/.*>/");
my $subinfo=$t->cmd("/bin/ $name");
print qq~
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<title> Info Search</title>
<head><title>Info Search</title></head>
<body bgcolor=white background="Graphic_sample52679.jpg" lang=EN-US style='tab-interval:.5in'>
<center><b><font color="darkblue">**********Information Searching**********</font></b></center>
<center><b><font color="darkblue">Key           : $name</font></b>

<BODY background="background_main.jpg">
<body bgcolor=darkslategray lang=EN-US link=blue vlink=purple style='tab-interval:.5in'>

<font color=darkblue>
<pre> @clid </pre>

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Mod Comment
Please wrap all code, files, input & output/errors in CODE tags.
It makes it far easier to read and preserves spaces for indenting or fixed width data.

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Old 07-19-2016
If you arrange proper ssh keys for noninteractive logins, your program becomes as simple as:

my $subinfo=`/usr/sbin/ssh -i /path/to/identityfile username@ /bin/ $name`;


You use keys like this, with minor differences -- the -i is because your CGI script isn't an interactive login and likely has no home folder to find ~/.ssh/ in. You'll have to pick your own place to put it -- preferably someplace apache itself refuses to touch (which won't stop your perl script or ssh from getting it).

The identity file itself should belong to apache:apache (or whatever user/group your webserver uses) and be set 0400. The folder should also belong to your webhost user/group and be set 0700.

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