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Open a webbrowser link from shell script

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Old 02-01-2016
Open a webbrowser link from shell script

Hi All

I have a task which is manually submitted from a web browser link, by entering a value. This has an xml code as well.

I am looking for options to automate the above to avoid manual intervention/dependency. Is there a way I can achieve this using shell script? Either open the link by passing the value or executing an xml file?
I work on a tool named UC4, which is a scheduling tool. I can only submit shell scripts/sql scripts through this tool.

If this can be achieved in Unix, could you please guide me! Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance
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Old 02-01-2016
And your OS is?

I'm not clear on what you need -"open" means open a browser or just display contents or download/upload something?

e.g., wget does the latter on most Linux systems not all UNIX boxes. Doing the first option is more complex. And we need to know what desktop

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Old 02-02-2016
My OS is GNU/Linux

What I mean is : if I am doing it manually, I open a link and enter a value in a field. when the value is entered, an event is triggered in the application. The value would be the same every time.
So my script has to do the same, open the link and pass the value.
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Old 02-03-2016
How to do it depends entirely on the web interface in question. It might be as simple as an HTTP form post, or it might depend on cookies and 9 nested layers of javascript.

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