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Connect to database through FTP server

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Old 10-02-2015
Connect to database through FTP server

Hi All

I need to run a query on a remote database through a shell script. I have the query, I have the script ready. I have the details of the database server I need to connect to.
Now my problem here is , the server where I run the shell script is an FTP server.
->I do not have Oracle installed on it.
->when I execute sqlplus command - says no command found

How do I connect to the database and run the query? I searched forms but all the servers in question have oracle installed. But I don't have on mine.

I have the username and password, Port, Hostname, IP. So is there a way I can connect to the database and execute my query ?

FTP Linux server : GNU/Linux
Database : Oracle

Any help is much appreciated!!

Thanks in Advance!
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Old 10-02-2015
You may be able to use a Perl DBI connector to do this without the Oracle commandline tool.
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Old 10-05-2015
Thankyou so much Corona688 . I never used perl before, do you mind if you can share the sample code how it looks and how to connect and execute the query.
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Old 10-05-2015
If you don't know perl then that's not so helpful.

You might be able to use something like yasql, short for "yet another sql*plus replacement". There are a few similar projects.
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Old 11-27-2015
You can't do that. I don't know of a single database provider that will work over FTP, including Access.

You MUST have the Access database on either a local drive OR on a UNC path on a server, NOT an FTP or HTTP path. Those will not work.

But unless you have CPanel, ssh or some other form of access that will let you run MySQL or a program that can access the data via MySQL. You don't have access to MySQL's files, not even the file that has your database in it. (They might not even be on the computer you have access to.)

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