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how to install User mode linux

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Old 03-17-2006
how to install User mode linux

hi everybody,
i am trying install user mode linux in Linux kernel 2.6.11(Fedora core)
I have open suse file system image for user mode linux n UML binary
I am doing following steps to install it.
in root #mkdir uml
in uml directory(empty now) i pasted my Kernel source tree:linux-
in linux- i unzipped uml-release- ,in that i created a soft link for open suse file system image.
In uml-release- which i unzipped contained one executable file called vmlinux. when i tried to run it, it boots for a while and stops.
it doesnt ask for username and password,ideally i would have.
what is the reason? am i wrong in doing things.
Any help is welcome

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Old 03-17-2006
i am not cent percent sure abt the answer,
better verify that, and my points would help u !!!

give /boot/vmlinux a symlink to the new version of kernel
and check for the following conf before you reboot or proceed with

and since thats a new version of kernel; your kernel would look for the new set of drivers to load and work with, u need not have to worry the new version of kernel itself would look into
but make sure the new set of drivers are available in /lib/modules/

and then the new kernel is rebooted.

hope this helps!!!
else post with updated info, it would be helpful to dig into the issue.
all the best !!!
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Old 03-20-2006
Data installation of UML

hi ,
Prior to executing ./vmlinux which is required for booting UML,i didnt compile the host kernel properly,thinking that i wont create any problems.

Now i am trying to compile the kernel. for that i did the following things
1.First I downloaded the linux kernel 2.6.10(host kernel) from
2.Then i applied the patch skas-2.6.10-v8-patch,where skas stands for seperate kernel address space,which is required for UML.
3.I did make menuconfig,without which ,doing make asks options for kernel configuration
4.Then i did make.
kernel is compiled for sometime,after that it is giving error in the file
for which it refers the file include/linux/fb.h + 860(line no)
saying array has incomplete type

what to do for this? how to get the kernel compiled fully?or is there any way or website where i can get a executable kernel.

any help is welcome

Thanks in advance

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