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CMD to check status of the server using Wget

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Old 08-31-2015
Hammer & Screwdriver CMD to check status of the server using Wget

Hi All,

Using Wget I'm able to get the status of the server.....only when the server is completely down or up....
but problem here in script is Suppose if the server got hang I mean to say that if the server is taking long time to login, for example normally the server takes 3 seconds to login ...but if the server takes more than 10 seconds or 1min to this case the wget cmd is not providing expected results

then how Do I know that server is taking more time to respond/login
in this case how can I get a resolution..

RESULT=$((time wget  --user=samuel --password=12345 -O log.err -q $URL1 ;) 2>&1 || echo "Not Running")
echo "$RESULT" >> output.rslt
wget_status=`awk 'NR==5' output.rslt`
echo "$wget_status"
if [ "$wget_status" == "Not Running" ]
echo `date` "dellsys01 console is not responding"
rm output.rslt

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Old 08-31-2015
Please use code tags as required by forum rules!

You may want to consider the
Set the connect timeout to seconds seconds. TCP connections that take longer to establish will be aborted. By default, there is no connect timeout, other than that implemented by system libraries.
option to wget and check the exit status code.
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Old 08-31-2015
I didnt get you.....You mean to say that is there any solution for this problem..

how can I use the parameter connect-timeout=seconds in my code...can you please help me out

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Old 08-31-2015
Right after the wget command.

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