bcp core dump on Solaris 5.7

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Old 10-10-2001
Network bcp core dump on Solaris 5.7

I am importing data into a new database using bcp (ASE 11.0) on Solaris 5.7. I keep getting a core dump error when my ksh script attempts to load one table. All other tables load fine. If I load the table directly from the command line without a script the table loads fine.

Does anybody know why the core dumps when attempting to load this table as
part of a shell script ?


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Old 10-10-2001
It's a difficult question to answer without seeing the script.
I would ask... what if anything is different about that particular
bcp statement? Do you know what kind of core dump
(i.e. Segmentation Fault, Bus Error, etc)?

You can also add...

set -x

...to the script to turn on debugging. It may help localize
the problem.
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