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Replace certain character at specific place with related character

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Old 03-25-2015
Replace certain character at specific place with related character


i have file with 100k records and each one has certain value that starts at 28th column and certain value that starts at 88th column

e.g. 1st file

 <25>1234567   ..... <88> 8573785485

i have aditional file with values which are related to value that starts at 88th column of the record in previous file

2nd file
8573785485 <-> 343535353

i should replace value which starts at 28th column with corresponding value from second file for relation of value which starts at 88th column..


<25>343535353  ..... <88> 8573785485 ...

can anyone help we with this please Smilie

Last edited by Don Cragun; 03-25-2015 at 04:45 PM.. Reason: Add CODE tags.
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Old 03-25-2015
Please use code tags when presenting sample input, output, and code.

I cannot figure out what is actually in "1st file", what is actually in "2nd file", and what output you are trying to produce. Are the <25> and <88> and <-> present in those files???

Show us a few COMPLETE records from your two files (and give us their real names) and show us the corresponding output that should be produced from those two input files.

What operating system and shell are you using?

What have you tried to solved this problem?

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