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Regex to match Exact port number (netstat command)

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Regex to match Exact port number (netstat command)

Hi All,

We have this regex:\\*.*?(.600[0-9]).*?.(LISTEN|ESTABLISHED)

OS = Solaris 10

The purpose of this regex is to match the ports in output of "netstat -an" and report if any ports between 6000-6009 are getting used. The only problem is if I have something like this (sample output as mentioned below), the regex matches everything with 6000 in it. It matches 46000, 60006 and 6000. Because of that we are getting faulty alerts. How can we fix this to just ONLY pick up ports (6000-6009). Please help.
Code:    49552      0 49552      0 ESTABLISHED    65290      0 49640      0 LISTEN    49552      0 49552      0 ESTABLISHED

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Escape the dot in front of the 6. And put a space after the [0-9].
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Thanks RudiC for the quick reply. Can you please send the code for those changes?
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What is unclear about that statement?

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Or you could make it match more precisely with [n]awk...
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I agree, cramming it into a regex is more difficult than (column >= "6000")...

netstat -an | nawk -F"[. \t]+" '(($5 >= "6000") && ($5 <= "6009")) || (($10 >= "6000") && ($10 <= "6009"))'

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Thanks everyone for replying back on this thread. RudiC, you solution worked fine. I know regex is a bit tricky but we have this special need where we have to only use regex.

Thanks again.
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