Help with creating script to delete log files/folders

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Old 06-13-2014
Router Help with creating script to delete log files/folders


I am new to Linux / scripting language. I need to improve our Linux servers at work and looking to claim some space my deleting log files/ folders on a 5 day basis.

Can someone help me with creating a script to do so.
Any sample script will be helpful.Smilie

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Old 06-13-2014
Welcome to forums, if you need automation then you can use crontab to do this

0 0 */5 * *  rm /path/to/log/directory/*.log

This is link might be useful to start

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Old 06-13-2014
Below code will delete all the files of type *.log in the directory /log/dir which are older than 5 days
find /log/dir -type f -name "*.log" -mtime +5 | xargs rm -f

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