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I don't know where to put my question so I put it here.
I want that systemd let run a script but only on shutdown or reboot
and before the system umount the mounted devices.
I look on google but only a little information is found and not working
Until no, I don't find an solution for my problem.
Here under is my service


when I do "sudo systemctl start exit_manjaro.service" than everything works.
When I do shutdown or reboot than this works but this happens on start-up and not on shutdown.
I tried a lot of things with Before and WantedBy but nothing do it.
I use manjaro openbox.
Can someone tell me whats wrong with this?
Thanks anyway
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Have you ran : systemctl enable exit_manjaro.service
This will enable the service to start on boot and stop it during shutdown.

If you run just start / stop it will only work for the current session.

Hope the helps
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