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Old 03-23-2014
[solved]Help with AIX port limit

Hi guys,
I have a problem need to solve urgently, please help me, any suggestion will be great.
When my workmates installed a control-m agent in an AIX 6.1 OS, they got an error below:
Port exceeded maximum allowed value. No available port found in the specified range up to 65535.
I considered this problem due to user's privilege or the admin limited the port range that a normal user can use. The setup run well in every other AIX 6.1 but this one.
But I don't know where the limit could be set in AIX, in the ulimit I can't find any.
Someone has a experience like this ? Thank you all.

Finally find it's because of /etc/hosts, not a problem, just the BMC's software doesn't be compatible with some content of the /etc/hosts.

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Old 03-24-2014
Can you tell us, what port no did you/he assigned?
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Old 03-24-2014
Thank you ibmtech,
thanks for your reply, my mistakes, it's not a problem of some AIX's privilege or user's limits.
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