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Playing with whois & dig - getting all the a records (globally)

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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Playing with whois & dig - getting all the a records (globally)
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Debian Playing with whois & dig - getting all the a records (globally)

Dear All,

I want to get all the IPs of the A RECORDS for
The aim is to deny access to these IPs.
I learnt that has several IPs.

I did the following steps:
1. whois
2. I got the following as its DOMAIN SERVERS:
3.# dig a

;; ANSWER SECTION:    0    IN    CNAME 300    IN    A 300    IN    A

I thought this would give me all the IPs.Smilie

Currently, in an attempt to get the other IPs I am digging & other free public dns servers..

someone please explain to me why
dig  a

does not give the full list & how other FreeDNS servers are getting different IPs?
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No Answers Smilie

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