Vsftpd serious issues

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Old 10-06-2013
Vsftpd serious issues

hello mighty all
there's a problem in vsftpd
it allows to delete files which have 000 mode and root:root owner
also 400
even with option deny_file={those_files} - still allowed
i'm doing it through mc
through ftp-shell it's not allowed
it's not working if mother-dir have -w
and not working on directories too, but files
vsftpd: version 2.3.2

so if any1 can say that to Chris - please do it
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Old 10-07-2013
It is unclear to me what your problem is? What is "mc"?
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Old 10-07-2013
Originally Posted by fpmurphy
It is unclear to me what your problem is? What is "mc"?
Probably "Midnight Commander", but that's just a guess.

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Old 10-07-2013
Originally Posted by tip78
hello mighty all
there's a problem in vsftpd
This is not a vsftp problem. This is not a bug or glitch. Nothing is broken. This is how file permissions are supposed to work.
it's not working if mother-dir have -w
Yes, that's what "w" on folders does. It lets you alter the directory -- i.e. create or delete files.

Fortunately there's a way to do what you want... Set the sticky-bit on the folder. chmod +t folder This will stop people from deleting files they don't own. This is how /tmp handles it.

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