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Fedora java classpath

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Old 10-01-2013
Fedora java classpath

What is the proper way to set your java classpath?

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java-functions(7)						RPM Java packaging						 java-functions(7)

java-functions - Functions library for Java applications. Written for the JPackage Project <>: SYNOPSIS
set_jvm() Set the java virtual machine. Use a JAVA_HOME if defined, or try to find it from java command set_classpath() Set the classpath - this functions requires a valid JAVA_HOME, JAVACMD, and JAVA_LIBDIR. JARs could be specified as an argument, or via ADDITIONAL_JARS variable. set_javacmd() set the JAVACMD variable. Options should be passed via JAVACMD_OPTS variable. set_flags() set FLAGS variable. They could be specified as an argument, or via ADDITIONAL_FLAGS variable. set_options() set OPTIONS variable. They could be specified as an argument, or via ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS variable. run() run the application. It executed a following command. If VERBOSE is defined, then it prints the command to stdout. exec $JAVACMD $FLAGS -classpath $CLASSPATH $OPTIONS $MAIN_CLASS "$@" set_jvm_dirs() set JVM-related directories (JVM_LIBDIR, JAVA_VERSION, JAVAVER_LIBDIR and JAVAVER_JNIDIR variables). Requires a correct JAVA_LIBDIR, JAVA_HOME and JAVA_CMD. link_jar_repository() links a jar repository. Options could be found in build-jar-repository(1) find_jar() finds a specific extention (jar or directory). Requires a correct JAVA_LIBDIR, JAVAVER_LIBDIR and JVM_LIBDIR. Used by find-jar(1) com- mand. do_find_jar() core routine used by find_jar() check_java_env() checks java environment - the JAVA_HOME, JAVACMD, JAVA_LIBDIR, JNI_LIBDIR variables. DESCRIPTION
This is a library of generic shell functions which should be used on compatible distributions. FILES
/use/share/java-utils/java-functions shell script functions library for Java applications /etc/java/java.conf system-wide Java configuration file ~/.java/java.conf user's Java configuration SEE ALSO
Regular Manual Pages build-jar-repository(1) find-jar(1) java.conf(5) jpackage-utils(7) AUTHORS
Guillaume Rousse <> Ville Skytta <scop at> David Walluck <> Nicolas Mailhot <Nicolas.Mailhot at> REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs using JPackage Bugzilla ( jpackage-utils 1.7.5 February 2009 java-functions(7)

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