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How to save a data of a file into a variable?

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Old 08-30-2013
Question How to save a data of a file into a variable?

My requirement is to read a column data from a file & save it in a variable for each row & process it. I am using the below code-

while read line
id = ` echo $line | cut -d "," -f1 `
email = ` echo $line | cut -d "," -f2 `

My data looks like-

Please let me know what is wrong,as my script gets stuck while saving the data in variables.

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Old 08-30-2013
while read line
id=$(echo $line | cut -d "," -f1)
email=$(echo $line | cut -d "," -f2)

echo $id $email

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Old 08-30-2013
while IFS="," read id email
do      -----------

I don't know what you are trying to do with:

but it yields a syntax error with both ksh and bash. An assignment statement doesn't produce any output.

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