HPUX : identify NFS mountpoint

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HPUX : identify NFS mountpoint

Is there a way to identify a directory as the start of an NFS mountpoint in HPUX 11.0? Using existing utilities & without root priv.

If you stat the directory and use the S_ISNWK macro you can find network special files that way. The requirement will have to go through other channels if I need to code a C routine to do this.
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not sure if this helps...
$ grep nfs /etc/fstab | awk '{print $2}'
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Network special files are an artifact of a very old (predates NFS!) HP-only feature and have nothing to do nfs. If you can cd into a directory, then you can do:
df -n . ; df -n ..

If the last field of the first line is nfs3, the current directory is an nfs directory. If the 2nd fields of each line differ, the current directory is a mountpoint. Do not depend on the last fields differing because one nfs filesystem can be mounted on another.
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Thank you.

How would you interpret this?
/banner_remote/banner_rpts (vcspnm:/banner_envs/banner_rpts) :     nfs3
/banner_remote/banner_tst1 (kcsqa1:/banner_envs/banner_tst1) :     nfs3
/banner_remote/banner_rpts (vcspnm:/banner_envs/banner_rpts) :     nfs3
.... more stuff removed

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Originally Posted by jim mcnamara
Thank you.

How would you interpret this?
Umm, I would interpret it as having nothing at all to do with what I said. I cannot see what command generated that output. My suggestion was to produce two lines of output, one from a directory and a second from that directory's parent. I seem to be counting three lines of output and I do not believe that I see a parent child relationship between any two of the three lines. And more stuff was removed?? Two lines is all you should get! A mount point is in a different filesystem than it's parent. Comparing the difference between a directory and its parent is the key. Again, cd to some-directory, then do:
df -n . ; df -n ..
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I ignored/missed the . and .. No wonder I'm confused.

I've got it now, thank you.
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