2 users on the same server (rexec)

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Old 10-20-2005
2 users on the same server (rexec)

Hi, all.

Could some one help me please with one problem?

In one process (on aix) I should run some remote scripts on other server via rexec.

Some scripts should be run on server1 under useridA, and some scripts should be run on the same server under useridB.
I specified in .netrc server-name/useridA in one line and server-address/useridB in second line.
When I call
rexec server-name some-command
everything is okay.
But when I try to run
rexec server-address some-command
it looks like rexec selects useridA instead of useridB.
In /etc/hosts I can see:
server-address server-name

Is it possible to avoid it?
I mean to say if it's possible to perform some job via rexec on the same server but under different userids?

Thank you in advance.

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Old 10-21-2005
Do not use rexec and DO NOT USE .netrc-files at all, they are a severe security hole.

Install ssh on all machine (download at www.bullfreeware.com for instance), exchange keys and then issue:


ssh remoteserver -l userA "who am i"

ssh remoteserver -l userB "who am i"

exit 0

Hope this helps.

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Old 10-21-2005
Thank you.
Yes, I don't like all this .netrc using too.
I realize it would be simpler to deal with ssh, but the problem is this moment I need use rexec.
It's possible to trick rexec with all this stuff like klog, HOME vars, but sure - it's just a fallacious way.

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Old 10-21-2005
Originally Posted by Anta
Thank you.
this moment I need use rexec.
In this case: use rsh:

rsh <host> -l <user> <command>

watch out: there is a kerberized an a non-kerberized version of it, depending on if you have kerberos installed or not.


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Old 10-21-2005
Thank you.
You'll laugh, but in our environment rsh using has been outlawed last and all the time.
Maybe the best way is to create own wrapper for rexec system function.
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Old 10-21-2005
I think you're supposed to put both lines in .netrc. And then do:
rexec -l usera
rexec -l userb
The rexec program is a bit non-standard. I have only seen it on HP-UX. I don't see any indication that you tried a -l option. Does the AIX rexec program not have a -l option?

I have a c wrapper somewhere that reads the password from stdin. I use in scripts where I prompt for the password and then echo it into my wrapper. If you have a c compiler, I could dig it up.
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Old 10-24-2005
Thank you.

To my regret there is not "l" option in aix/rexec.
Yes, it's not a large problem to create own wrapper for rexec system function in order to have the possibility to specify the need userid, but I hoped my problem could be solved with a minimal effort. Alas...

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