squid proxy and apache servers

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Old 10-04-2005
squid proxy and apache servers

hi. pardon my noob question id just like to have a quick answer. i am planning to install a jabber webclient and a jabber server in our apache server. my boss said this wouldnt work because squid filters port 5222 connections (jabber). i told him we can simply 'unfilter' the port then but he said it wasnt possible. im not sure what he meant by that. can someone enlighten me please? im not new to linux but im very new to web/internet applications
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squid_radius_auth(8)                                          System Manager's Manual                                         squid_radius_auth(8)

squid_radius_auth - Squid RADIUS authentication helper SYNOPSIS
squid_radius_auth -f configfile squid_radius_auth -h "server" [-p port] [-i identifier] -w secret DESCRIPTION
This helper allows Squid to connect to a RADIUS server to validate the user name and password of Basic HTTP authentication. -f configfile Specifies the path to a configuration file. See the CONFIGURATION section for details. -h server Alternative method of specifying the server to connect to -p port Specify another server port where the RADIUS server listens for requests if different from the default RADIUS port. Normally not specified. -i identifier Unique identifier identifying this Squid proxy to the RADIUS server. If not specified the IP address is used as to identify the proxy. -w secret Alternative method of specifying the shared secret. Using the configuration file is generally more secure and recommended. -t timeout RADIUS request timeout. Default 10 seconds. CONFIGURATION
The configuration specifies how the helper connects to RADIUS. The file contains a list of directives (one per line). Lines beginning with a # is ignored. server radiusserver specifies the name or address of the RADIUS server to connect to. secret somesecretstring specifies the shared RADIUS secret. identifier nameofserver specifies what the proxy should identify itsels as to the RADIUS server. This directive is optional. port portnumber Specifies the port number or service name where the helper should connect. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Henrik Nordstrom <hno@squid-cache.org> squid_radius_auth is written by Marc van Selm <selm@cistron.nl> with contributions from Henrik Nordstrom <hno@squid-cache.org> and many others QUESTIONS
Any questions on usage can be sent to Squid Users <squid-users@squid-cache.org>, or to your favorite RADIUS list/friend if the question is more related to RADIUS than Squid. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs or bug-fixes to Squid Bugs <squid-bugs@squid-cache.org> or ideas for new improvements to Squid Developers <squid-dev@squid- cache.org> SEE ALSO
RFC2058 - Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) Squid RADIUS Auth 7 August 2004 squid_radius_auth(8)

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