Run A Job in Cron On A Specific Day Excluding Holidays

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Run A Job in Cron On A Specific Day Excluding Holidays

I want to run a job in cron on a specific date(say 25th of every month) excluding holidays. Can anyone provide some hints to do this? Thanks for any inputs.
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Holidays are often company specific - like in the US a lot of companies grant the day after Thanksgiving.

Put a holiday schedule, updated every year, in a place where your code can read it. Determining holidays has to be up to the script. UNIX does not have such a thing.

# holiday file
# Christmas

* * 25 * *  /path/to/my/ >/path/to/logfile 2>&1

today="`date +%m-%d-%Y`"
grep -qF "$today" /path/to/holidayfile && exit    # do not run on holidays of script here.

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