What's your most useful shell?

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What's your most useful shell?

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I would have to say #!/bin/bash because as long as you know: 1) the program/command, and 2) it's arguments, you can literally do anything. Even rout scripts into other scripts. It's the most flexible shell that I've ever used (which I admit may be that's a little biased, since it is the first shell that I learned to use) or have ever seen used. That's just my personal opinion.
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I usually throw my shells away....! What...! It was my dad whom replied then i ask him. What are u talking about, since when are u a programmer, he goes oh no no no....! Im taking about egg shells...!!! Wow..! Then i fainted..! It was horrible..!

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My shell is /bin/csh

My first unix account I had from 1982 to 1990 (4.1BSD, VAX11/780), I only had two options to choose from: sh and csh. Then I worked with Xenix for three years and I did not need to change shell, csh did everything I needed. Then, from 1994 until today, I work with NetBSD and csh. I'm really very accustomed to csh that I do not see need to switch to another.

Have a nice day

** Espinatel **
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  • My first experience was a bourne(?) shell (or an even earlier thompson, mashey, ..., shell) on an ancient siemens mx series (national 32bit? cpu,sinix ).
  • But I grown up running a korn shell under sysVR{3,4} for many years.
  • Then came a short sgi/irix intermezzo with a bash, ..., and finally linux/bash.
  • Under linux I (re)tried a korn shell, the tcsh, and even a zsh. However nothing compares to bash, I even run under pdp10(toad2)/twenex and a vax730/4.3bsd) at the computer museum seattle. For my taste the bash is the final word on the issue shells. I say shells and not *nix shells, because nothing compares to bash under twenex and even windows.

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