What's your most useful shell?

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What's your most useful shell?

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Hi Bakunin,

Thanks for your reply. I just asked that questions for knowledge sharing only not for argument!
Please share your technical knowledge with us!

Thank you.
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Funny, I use bash for almost exactly the same reasons a lot of people here use ksh. I like being able to quickly switch between emacs and vi-style modes (I use emacs for everyday stuff and vi for editing big multiline stuctures). Bash also has some really nice expansion features like being able to say "mkdir directory{0..9}" and create ten directories.

I'm sure all of what I'm describing can also be done easily with ksh as well -- it's just a matter of what syntax I'm comfy with.
# 13  
ksh ksh ksh Smilie
well i believe the vi commandline feature is not just for ksh
you can have it for bash(or probably other shells too) by using command 'set -o vi'
offcourse thats not "my" reason for preferring ksh. Have been using it long and am more comfortable with it than other shells.
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I use csh as my daily job's shell, while ksh is used in my shell script because it compatible with sh and has array feature.
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