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What's your most useful shell?

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What's your most useful shell?

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# 64  
Old 06-08-2007
Originally Posted by solfreak
Can ksh do command completion? If so, how?
yes but not as bash, use tab, if you type in "slee" and press tab, it completes to "sleep"

but just if sleep is the only command that starts with slee, if there would be a command called sleek, completion will not work
and it doesn't show possibilities

same with argument completion

if you use vi mode, "\" works too
# 65  
Old 06-17-2007
Originally Posted by solfreak

Is there no way to make ksh93 show the possiblities? Can we expect this feature in a future version of ksh?
Found the answer: ESC - =
and made the switch to ksh93 (from tcsh) Smilie

Last edited by solfreak; 06-17-2007 at 02:39 PM..
# 66  
Old 07-05-2007
Its ksh for me !!
# 67  
Old 07-10-2007
zsh when I can choose freely.
Otherwise ksh or bash. Or tcsh.
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# 68  
Old 08-13-2007
its /bin/bash

its bash becoz one can work on this easily....
# 69  
Old 08-20-2007
i prefer to use ksh.
i think the main reason is it was the first that i learned and studied thoroughly. an advantage is when you start a program in the background you can easily read an write to this program. i think this feature is not implemented in bash.
some time ago i wrote a rather complicated ksh-script that has to run on different servers and used a lot of ksh features. i did the developement on solaris. then i tested it on hpux,aix,linux. i think for each of this unixes i had to make some correction.some features behaved differently on different systems.
mfg guenter
# 70  
Old 08-22-2007
KSH for me...

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