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Display program running on CDE via GNOME

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Old 06-07-2005
Display program running on CDE via GNOME

Hi All,
I have one AIX box (5.1 with CDE running) and one Linux box ( FC3 with GNOME on it). What I want to be able to do is : SSH from the Linux box into the AIX box and then open an X term to launch a X window application. I am not able to do that. My guess is that the window mangers and everything else is different for both CDE and GNOME. How do I get over this problem. Thanks

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Old 06-07-2005
No, it should be as simple as:

ssh -X user@AIXbox

Then run the X application from the command line.
From 'man ssh(1)':

-X Enables X11 forwarding. This can also be specified on a per-host
basis in a configuration file.

X11 forwarding should be enabled with caution. Users with the
ability to bypass file permissions on the remote host (for the
user's X authorization database) can access the local X11 display
through the forwarded connection. An attacker may then be able
to perform activities such as keystroke monitoring.
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Old 06-07-2005
This is was I type on my FC3

# ssh -X root@AIXBOX
# export DISPLAY=linuxbox:0
# xclock

I don't get anything for a couple of minutes and then I get this

Error: Can't open display: linuxbox:0

Is there a log file or something that would show me what exactly the error is?
but one thing that confuses me is that, during the couple of minutes that it pauses there is a process called xclock running on the aixbox.

when I try
# xhosts +aixbox

it says it cannot find the command . Should I download something ?

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Old 06-07-2005
don't know about Linux, but on Solaris 'xhost' lives under /usr/openwin/bin
maybe /usr/X11/bin/xhost ?
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Old 06-08-2005
Hi all,
Ok now I see the mistake I made. I kept typing xhosts instead of xhost. Ok I have added the aix box to my access control list.

it is still not working. It still does the same thing. when I hit


It just sits there for about 2 minutes and then says

Error: Can't open display: Linuxbox:0
Is there a log file or something that I can look into to find out exaclty whats going on.


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