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problems with lpadmin usage

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problems with lpadmin usage

the problem i encountered is that lpadmin when encounters a failure doesn't cleanup properly .so the next time i use the same printer name it doesn't allow me to do so .saying interface directory can't be created .what can be done to solve this out ?please help ..
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Please post what Operating System and version you have and what Shell you use.

First reaction would be to use lpadmin -xdest to delete the previous printer.
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os-version and further details

the version i use is hp-ux-11.31..

besides i would like to know your view on this --deleting the printer name using lpadmin -xdestination wont be possible every time .is there any way that it does it automatically ?? please help
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The only time I use lpadmin is when creating or deleting a printer. I must have missed your context.

I you have error messages, please post the command typed (blotting anything confidential with X's) and the exact error message received verbatim. Please avoid paraphrasing error messages.

Please provide a lot more detail and context about how the server connects to the printer, commands typed which work and commands typed which fail (complete with symptoms and any error messages).

Btw. It can be easier to administer printers with the X-Windows SAM interface rather than from the command line.

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