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Raw text to IP Printer

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Old 06-06-2005
Raw text to IP Printer

We were printing to a serial laser printer with all the HP codes to generate a form (i.e. lines, boxes, etc.) We are switching to an IP printer and we can no longer print to the device (i.e. cp text /dev/tty11). It looks like we have to use the lp spooler now. When we do this the codes are ignored as the line is too long. Is there away to send raw text to an IP printer that is using the Jet Direct card to setup the queues? I saw an stty option on the lp command, can that be used to put it in raw mode?

Thanx for your help

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printers.conf(5)						    Apple Inc.							  printers.conf(5)

printers.conf - printer configuration file for cups DESCRIPTION
The printers.conf file defines the local printers that are available. It is normally located in the /etc/cups directory and is generated automatically by the cupsd(8) program when printers are added or deleted. Each line in the file can be a configuration directive, a blank line, or a comment. Comment lines start with the # character. DIRECTIVES
<Printer name> ... </Printer> Defines a specific printer. <DefaultPrinter name> ... </Printer> Defines a default printer. Accepting Yes Accepting No Specifies whether the printer is accepting new jobs. AllowUser [ user @group ... ] Allows specific users and groups to print to the printer. DenyUser [ user @group ... ] Prevents specific users and groups from printing to the printer. DeviceURI uri Specifies the device URI for a printer. ErrorPolicy abort-job ErrorPolicy retry-current-job ErrorPolicy retry-job ErrorPolicy stop-printer Specifies the error policy for the printer. Info text Specifies human-readable text describing the printer. JobSheets banner banner Specifies the banner pages to use for the printer. KLimit number Specifies the job-k-limit value for the printer. Location text Specifies human-readable text describing the location of the printer. OpPolicy name Specifies the operation policy for the printer. PageLimit number Specifies the job-page-limit value for the printer. PortMonitor monitor Specifies the port monitor for a printer. QuotaPeriod seconds Specifies the job-quota-period value for the printer. Shared Yes Shared No Specifies whether the printer is shared. State idle State stopped Specifies the initial state of the printer (Idle or Stopped) StateMessage text Specifies the message associated with the state. StateTime seconds Specifies the date/time associated with the state. SEE ALSO
classes.conf(5), cupsd(8), cupsd.conf(5), mime.convs(5), mime.types(5), http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2011 by Apple Inc. 29 April 2009 CUPS printers.conf(5)

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