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Old 06-25-2012
Start multiple scripts from the same session


i have an AIX 6.1 server which has Informix 11.5 Database Engine. When i want to export some databases from the instance for backup or for any other use i can do it with

(informix command). The problem is that when i run this command or when i run script which run this command, my screen shows the operation that is going on until the command finishes.
i tried to run the script with a & at the end to run in the background but i still see the same things. imagine that i want to run 13 scripts that do

in parallel. for now, in order to do that i have to open 13 different sessions to run each one of them in a separate session.
is there any other way that i can use to run all the scripts from the same session and run in parallel?

thank you for your attention
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Old 07-14-2012
It was a long while ago that I worked on Informix but I recall that an Informix session took over the screen driver in order to work its status line. It was therefore impossible to run more than one session on the same telnet session.

One idea: If you are going to do this job regularly it's worth looking at the scripting language within Reflections. You could create 13 one-click icons to do the job.

Others may know a way of stopping an Informix dbexport taking over the screen driver.
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Old 07-16-2012
hello methyl,

thank you for your interest. i found a way of doing it.
i created 13 input files that contain the command
dbexport <database_name> -ss

then i call these input files through a script by running the command
./<input_file> 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null &

in this way i just run 1 script in 1 session and it calls all the input files one after another but they run in parallel.
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