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Configuring user in c-shell

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Old 06-15-2012
Configuring user in c-shell


We need to configure user in c shell with the following format when he tries to login to the system for SOLARIS 9 OS


Let me know the steps for the confiuring the user login as per the requirement..
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Old 06-15-2012
You need to customize their C Shell prompt by adding a line such as
set prompt="%n@%M> "

to their ~/.login file.

The C shell uses one file to set up the login environment and a different file to set up a user's environment for every subsequent C shell. In C shell, .login is the file read at login, and .cshrc is the file read each time a new C Shell is started.
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Old 06-15-2012
Actually my solaris server got crashed. So after fresh OS installation, we have restored all users from the backup. Kindly let me know hoe to make those users active

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i have created user in bash shell now I need to change to C shell

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