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Mailbox server performance issue

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Old 05-13-2012
Mailbox server performance issue


my company's mailbox server has severe performance issue on the days while full backup is running. There is huge I/O in another "mail replication process" for standby servers ( which runs all the time, every 15 mins. ).

specs of servers :- RHEL5.5 , kernel -2.6.18-53.1.6.el5 , 8 core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz, 32 GB RAM.24 GB VM.

strangely I see

swappiness =0 ( proposing it to be 50 )

HugePages_Total: 0 ( proposing it to be 100 )
HugePages_Free: 0
HugePages_Rsvd: 0
Hugepagesize: 2048 kB ( proposing it to be 4096 )

-- proposing to configure memlock for mailbox process as well .

Before proposing to higher management for change in these settings to an optimized value, I wanted to confirm and take suggestions about this issue and few other parameters which could be adjusted.
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Old 05-13-2012
Is disk IO running at 100 percent?
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Old 05-13-2012
not exactly 100 % , but yes it goes as high as 70%
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Old 05-20-2012
any one has any idea about it..?? please help..TIA.
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Old 05-20-2012
Could you please post the output of the following commands, taken at a period with high load (like, when your backup runs). Ideally the following commands/scriptlets are started and stopped at the same time so they refer to the same period of time. Let them run for ~5 minutes:

vmstat 5

while : ; do ps -Ao vsz,pid,cmd | sort -rn | head 20 ; sleep 20 ; done

iostat -dxz 5

For iostat to be available you might have to install the "sysstat" rpm package.

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Old 05-21-2012
what is the your backup mechanisms ?

I think this is normal. 70-100% is not hight,while up 120% is another level.
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Old 05-28-2012

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