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Old 05-06-2005

What OS does not use PID=0? is it FreeBSD?
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PID value

name the process wit PID value 0? swapper or scheduler or both.... (3 Replies)
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I have searched to find an anwer to no avail, I hope you can help me. I have a.ksh that many people call and a.ksh calls b.ksh b.ksh is also invoked stand-alone by many people as well In b.ksh I want to do something different if it was not involked by a.ksh. How can I do this? (7 Replies)
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Hello people, This question might seem to be a little naive but here it goes: I want to know the PID of a script that is running in the background. eg: There is a script called I am using the command: ps -ef | grep But I am getting the output as wrkarea... (9 Replies)
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Hi, I need to get the pid of a process and have to store the pid in a variable and i want to use this value(pid) of the variable for some process. Please can anyone tell me how to get the pid of a process and store it in a variable. please help me on this. Thanks in advance, Amudha (7 Replies)
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KILL PID, intern should kill another PID.

Hi All, In my project i have two process runs in the back end. Once i start my project, and execute the command ps, i get below output: PID TTY TIME CMD 9086 pts/1 0:00 ksh 9241 pts/1 0:02 java 9240 pts/1 0:00 shell_script_bg java with 9241 PID is the main... (4 Replies)
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1. If I use an software application(which connects to the database in the server) in my local pc, how many PID should be registered? Would there be PID for the session and another PID for socket connection? 2. I noticed (through netstat) that when I logged in using the my software application,... (1 Reply)
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Hi , I am trying to get the PID using the following command: $ /usr/ucb/ps -auwwwwx | grep java | grep Proceess | ptree PID or $ /usr/ucb/ps -auwwwwx | grep java | grep Proceess;ptree PID it is possible to get PID, such that I check whether any orphan process is running. solution... (0 Replies)
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how to get PID only

The below command returns full line.How can i get only PID from this line ie 15794 from the below example (FI NY) ->ps -ef | grep keepalive | grep -v keepaliveStub | grep -v swapback | grep -v grep ficctprd 15794 1 0 13:12:58 ? 0:01 keepalive (3 Replies)
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printing ppid,child pid,pid

question: for the below program i just printed the value for pid, child pid and parent pid why does it give me 6 values? i assume ppid is 28086 but can't figure out why there are 5 values printed instead of just two! can someone comment on that! #include<stdio.h> #define DIM 8 int... (3 Replies)
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inets(3erl)						     Erlang Module Definition						       inets(3erl)

inets - The inets services API DESCRIPTION
This module provides the most basic API to the clients and servers, that are part of the Inets application, such as start and stop. COMMON DATA TYPES
Type definitions that are used more than once in this module: service() = ftpc | tftp | httpc | httpd property() = atom() EXPORTS
services() -> [{Service, Pid}] Types Service = service() Pid = pid() Returns a list of currently running services. Note: Services started as stand_alone will not be listed. services_info() -> [{Service, Pid, Info}] Types Service = service() Pid = pid() Info = [{Option, Value}] Option = property() Value = term() Returns a list of currently running services where each service is described by a [{Option, Value}] list. The information given in the list is specific for each service and it is probable that each service will have its own info function that gives you even more details about the service. service_names() -> [Service] Types Service = service() Returns a list of available service names. start() -> start(Type) -> ok | {error, Reason} Types Type = permanent | transient | temporary Starts the Inets application. Default type is temporary. See also application(3erl) stop() -> ok Stops the inets application. See also application(3erl) start(Service, ServiceConfig) -> {ok, Pid} | {error, Reason} start(Service, ServiceConfig, How) -> {ok, Pid} | {error, Reason} Types Service = service() ServiceConfig = [{Option, Value}] Option = property() Value = term() How = inets | stand_alone - default is inets Dynamically starts an inets service after the inets application has been started. Note: Dynamically started services will not be handled by application takeover and failover behavior when inets is run as a distributed applica- tion. Nor will they be automatically restarted when the inets application is restarted, but as long as the inets application is up and run- ning they will be supervised and may be soft code upgraded. Services started as stand_alone , e.i. the service is not started as part of the inets application, will lose all OTP application benefits such as soft upgrade. The "stand_alone-service" will be linked to the process that started it. In most cases some of the supervision functionality will still be in place and in some sense the calling process has now become the top supervisor. stop(Service, Reference) -> ok | {error, Reason} Types Service = service() | stand_alone Reference = pid() | term() - service specified reference Reason = term() Stops a started service of the inets application or takes down a "stand_alone-service" gracefully. When the stand_alone option is used in start, only the pid is a valid argument to stop. SEE ALSO
ftp(3erl) , httpc(3erl) , httpd(3erl) , tftp(3erl) Ericsson AB inets 5.5.2 inets(3erl)

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