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Old 08-21-2001
Question AIX, Netscape and NFS


We have succesfully mounted a file system with NFS
on another machine (that is running Netscape). When we look into this mount (with AIX) and we can see all the mounted files. All the rights etc. are ok but when we are working with Netscape we don't see any file? Is there a reasonable explanation for this?


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Old 08-22-2001

Are you trying to browse your filesystem with Netscape? Or are you trying to "bounce" through the mounted share, like a proxy? (Just a note: I don't think the latter is possible - you'll actually have to set up some forwarding or proxying mechanism)

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Old 08-22-2001
I'm trying to put and get attachments with Netscape out of the new 'directory'. It works with all underlying directories but not with the one we've mounted with NFS. Although the files are visible with AIX.
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Old 08-26-2001
Check the NFS export on the remote
machine to make sure it is read/write (rw)
and that your local NFS mount is also
read/write. There may be a mismatch.
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