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Old 04-23-2005
Pearl Script Help


$basedir = "/home/MYUSERID/public_html/ordered_files";
$allowall = "yes";
$theext = ".gif";

use CGI;
$onnum = 1;

while ($onnum != 11) {
my $req = new CGI; 
my $file = $req->param("FILE$onnum"); 
if ($file ne "") {
my $fileName = $file; 
$fileName =~ s!^.*(\\|\/)!!; 
$newmain = $fileName;
if ($allowall ne "yes") {
if (lc(substr($newmain,length($newmain) - 4,4)) ne $theext){
$filenotgood = "yes";
if ($filenotgood ne "yes") { 
open (OUTFILE, ">$basedir/$fileName"); 
print "$basedir/$fileName<br>";
while (my $bytesread = read($file, my $buffer, 1024)) { 
print OUTFILE $buffer; 
close (OUTFILE); 

my $sendmail = "/usr/sbin/sendmail";

# A text file containing a list of valid email recipients and the web pages to 
# which the user should be redirected after email is sent to each, on 
# alternating lines.  This allows one copy of the script to serve multiple 
# purposes without the risk that the script will be abused to send spam.

my $emailConfPath = "";

# Parse any submitted form fields and return an object we can use
# to retrieve them
my $query = new CGI;

my $project = &clean($query->param('project'));
my $name = &clean($query->param('name'));
my $number = &clean($query->param('number'));
my $address = &clean($query->param('address'));
my $address2 = &clean($query->param('address2'));
my $citystate = &clean($query->param('citystate'));
my $sizing = &clean($query->param('sizing'));
my $comments = &clean($query->param('comments'));
my $subject = &clean($query->param('subject'));
my $file1 = &clean($query->param('file1'));
my $file2 = &clean($query->param('file2'));
my $text = &clean($query->param('text'));
my $font = &clean($query->param('font'));
my $dropshadow = &clean($query->param('dropshadow'));
my $textcolor = &clean($query->param('textcolor'));
my $shadowcolor = &clean($query->param('shadowcolor'));

#Note: subject is not mandatory, but you can easily change that
if (($project eq "") || (($name eq "") || ($number eq "") || ($address eq "") || ($citystate eq "") || ($sizing eq ""))
	&error("Requist Denied",
		"You must fill out all of the required fields." .
		"Please Try Again.");

if (!open(IN, "$emailConfPath")) {
	&error("Configuration Error",
		"The Configuration file is missing or corrupt" .
		"please repair the file.");
	my $ok = 0;
	while (1) {
		my $recipientc = <IN>;
		if ($recipientc eq "") {
		my $returnpage = <IN>;
		if ($returnpage eq "") {
		if ($recipientc eq $recipient) {
			$ok = 1;
	if (!$ok) {
		&error("Email Rejected",
			"You are unable to submit a file at this time try e-mailing this form to :" .
			" to get your order in." .
			"You also may note that there is a problem with this form on the site.");
	# Open a pipe to the sendmail program
	open(OUT, "|$sendmail -t");
	print OUT <<EOM
To: $recipient
Subject: $subject
Project Name:       $project
Customers Name:     $name 
Customers Phone:    $number 
Address:            $address 
City/State/Zip:     $citystate 
Sizing:             $sizing
Files:              $file1
Lettering Text:     $text
Font for Lettering: $font
Drop Shadow:        $dropshadow
Text Color:         $textcolor
Shadow Color:       $shadowcolor
Additional Notes:   $comments

	# Now redirect to the appropriate "landing" page for this recipient.
	print $query->redirect($returnPage);

sub clean

	my $s = shift @_;
	$s =~ s/^\s+//;
	$s =~ s/\s+$//;
	return $s;

sub error
	my($title, $content) = @_;
	print $query->header;
	print <<EOM
<h1 align="center">$title</h1>
	exit 0;

Last edited by nikah_01; 04-23-2005 at 11:15 PM..
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Old 04-23-2005
It might help if you were to indicate what help you want.

Also it would be best to enclose your script in code tags so thatformatting is preserved, it makes it much easier to read.

Last edited by reborg; 04-23-2005 at 09:47 PM..
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Old 04-23-2005
Okay that is the code what it is supposed to do is work with a form to upload
files and email the form info.

Can someone take a look and tell me where the problem is

The error is 500
Unexpected server error.
It doesn't give any details.
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Old 04-23-2005
Sorry new here I edited and added the details after.
My srver is giving me a very plain error message and doesn't give a line number either...
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Old 04-23-2005
Can you access the server log? I mean the Apache error log? If you are on a paid host, you can mostly access it (via CPanel, Plesk or something like that), or maybe you can have access to the physical log too (for dedicated server). Most of the time the exact perl error should be there with the line number with some context information.

The 500 internal server error message is not the perl error message that should give. Unless you can give this error, it is impossible to tell what went wrong.
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Old 04-24-2005
Premature end of script headers: /home/MEUSERID/public_html/cgi-bin/order.cgi Execution of order.cgi aborted due to compilation errors. {" syntax error at order.cgi line 71, near ")
# 7  
Old 04-24-2005
Okay it seems to me I am having a problem with the ending of the script before the files are finished uploading. I thinks this is because I combined 2 old scipts I wrote and edited for the needs of this site so can someone tell me where I need to put the
command at at I think that should solve the problem....
Or at least the one I know about now.

Thank You

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